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White Sands, Cape Verde, overseas property investment for high capital growth AND high, long term, income.


The Returns

Cape Verde has all the right criteria for property investment, delivering you the opportunity to make your money work harder today and in the future.

Property owners will not only benefit from consistent rental income but they can also take advantage of the growth in value that you can expect from a high class property, sat within a commercially successful beach hotel.

That commercial success is underpinned by the location, the Cape Verde Islands are renowned for beautiful beaches and endless sunshine, and is currently enjoying a tourism boom that is expected to continue for many years ahead.

The 5-star build quality is delivered by The Resort Group, who are a financially secure developer and have a proven track record of delivering quality Cape Verde resorts that produce strong rental yields.

In addition, the hotel will be managed by one of the world’s leading resort operator. They have the necessary skills, experience and global brand presence to maximise the potential of Cape Verde, plus the commercial partnerships to help drive occupancy.

All of the above creates an unrivalled investment opportunity, so all you have to do is select the right property and investment option and then sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.