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White Sands, Cape Verde, overseas property investment for high capital growth AND high, long term, income.


Purchasing a Property

An investment in overseas property can deliver multiple benefits, whether you’re a professional investor, dreaming of a second home or simply looking to build and establish wealth for the future.

Property occupies a well-deserved place alongside equities and bonds in a diversified portfolio, and professional investors utilise international property purchases to expand and balance their investment choices.

The purchase of an overseas property for personal use is high on many people’s aspirations for the future. This is becoming increasingly accessible for more people that have established equity or savings during booming economic conditions in the UK. However, in today’s climate their investments or savings are no longer producing the returns they would expect, and therefore emerging economies overseas has opened up new opportunities with excellent investment potential.

Cape Verde is one such destination where an investment in overseas property can deliver exceptional returns for many years to come.