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The Resort Group partnership with Melia goes from strength to strength

One of the key elements of the continued success of The Resort Group is our partnership with Melia Hotels International. As the largest resort-based hotelier in the world, Melia are an essential part of our business model.

Honorary Chairman of The Resort Group, Rob Jarrett explains “No other hotelier on the planet operates as many resorts as Melia. They have a vast network of tour operators and travel agencies that promote their resorts around the world, creating an impressive supply of touristic traffic”

“This ensures significant and consistent levels of occupancy within the resorts, which is one of the main performance indicators alongside room rates and operating costs and efficiencies, which of course Melia also excel at, as well as delivering exceptional customer service.”

This benefits property owners in many ways, it not only ensures consistent rental income, it also creates the perfect conditions for capital growth. Our partnership with Melia officially began in 2011 with the launch of MELIA Tortuga Beach, and that has been strengthened by signing resort management agreements for Dunas Beach, Llana Beach Hotel and White Sands Hotel & Spa.

It is anticipated that tourism levels will continue to grow year on year across Cape Verde, and Melia and The Resort Group have the strategies in place to maximise this potential. It is anticipated that performance levels at our resorts will achieve year on year growth in line with increasing tourism. Therefore, the success we have achieved with MELIA Tortuga will continue on Dunas Beach Resort, when it opens next year.

Rob Jarrett said “everything is in place for continued success at Melia Tortuga, and we are extremely confident that we will achieve similarly good results on Dunas, when that opens late 2014. Our partnership with Melia continues to flourish and I can assure all of our clients that their property investment is in the best possible hands”

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