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Number of Cape Verde tourists increased 25.4% in first quarter of the year

The number of guests in accommodation establishments increased 25.4 per cent in the first quarter of this year compared to same quarter of 2011. Overnight stays rose 36 percent. The UK was the main country of origin of tourists, and these remained more days in Cape Verde, with an average stay of 8.7 nights, and Sal was the most sought after by tourists, representing about 38 percent of entries . 

Hotel establishments welcomed the first three months of this year 139,334 guests, 25.4 percent more than the same period in 2011. There were over 28,229 tourists entered the hotels in the same period last year. Overnight stays reached 901,888, translating into a variation of 36 percent in the first quarter of 2011. That is, an increase of 238,524 overnight stays.

Hotels remain the most popular, representing 83 percent of the entries. Here are the pensions of about 5.9 percent and 5.2 percent residential. For the nights, the hotels represent 90.9 percent, 3.4 percent holiday villages and pensions and residential, both with 2.2 percent.

Sal received more tourists, with 38.1 percent of entries, followed by Boa Vista with 35.9 percent and 10.6 percent in Santiago. Boa Vista overnights leads with 47.3 percent, followed by Sal and Santiago 42.9 percent to 3.6 percent.

The leading source of tourists was the United Kingdom with 21.1 percent of the total. Next come France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands accounted for 16.3 percent, 11.8 percent, 9.5 percent and 6.4 percent of the entries, respectively. In relation to overnight stays, the UK remains in first place with 28.7 percent of the total, followed by Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy with 13.7 percent, 12.3 percent, 7.1 percent and 6.9 percent respectively.

Most tourists from Britain chose to target the island of Boa Vista, representing 64.4 percent of nights and chose as the site host hotels, representing approximately 99.6 percent. The Germans chose also the island of Boavista (47.6 percent) and Sal, representing 46.8 percent of the overnights. Both the English and the Germans preferred to stay in hotels, representing 89.4 percent of the overnights. The French were distributed by Sal (44.2 percent) and Boa Vista (35 percent). The hotels were the most popular establishments, representing about 86.7 percent.

The British remained on average 8.7 nights in Cape Verde. Here come the Germans (7.2 nights), Italian and Dutch (6.9 nights). The Cape Verdean residents remained on average 2.8 nights in hotel establishments. On average, the bed occupancy rate was around 63 percent. Boa Vista had the highest (84 percent), followed by the salt with 65 percent and St. Antão with 40 percent. The hotels recorded the highest occupancy - bed 72 percent. Here are the settlements with 40 percent and apartment hotels with 28 percent.