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White Sands, Cape Verde, overseas property investment for high capital growth AND high, long term, income.


Increasing tourism in Cape Verde

Cape Verde offers the perfect holiday blend of a wonderful climate, endless sunshine, magnificent beaches and a naturally laid back ambience. This has resulted in a meteoric rise in tourism over the last two decades.

During that time, tourism numbers have actually increased by 115%*. This positive trend is anticipated to continue for many years ahead with demand for high quality accommodation far exceeding the current level of supply.

Therefore, with its year round climate and thriving tourism market, Cape Verde delivers the perfect economic and environmental conditions for a rewarding property investment.

At a glance guide

  • Cape Verde enjoys a year round tropical climate and has grown in to a renowned sunshine destination with some of the best beaches in the world
  • New access routes are being opened all the time from many major European cities, creating new tourism markets and increasing the supply of visitors
  • The Islands are politically very stable with a democratically elected government and a strong fiscal policy centered on their growing tourism industry. This has delivered considerable GDP growth as well as new housing projects, improved infrastructure, schooling and medical care
  • Strict environmental controls and regulations for tourism development prohibit the building of high level, high density projects, providing further safeguards against over-supply and low quality developments
  • Cape Verde has experienced a spectacular tourism boom over the last 15 years, with a total growth of 155% since 2000*
  • Current levels of tourism demand far outstrips the supply of high quality resort accommodation - a trend that is projected to continue well into the future