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White Sands, Cape Verde, overseas property investment for high capital growth AND high, long term, income.


Davenport Wealth Management are amongst the UK’s most trusted overseas property brokers.

Whether you’re a seasoned overseas property investor or making your first overseas property investment, you’ll know that there’s a vast choice of potential investments out there, many of which beguile the unwary with alluring promises of high income and strong capital growth. Consequently, the main challenge for the investor is to know for certain what’s the wheat and what’s the chaff.

Every overseas property investor searches for the perfect investment: one that suits your budget, your desires and your lifestyle. Plus: your investment has to be proportionate to your means, in order that it is sustainable and can enhance both your wealth and your lifestyle into the future. This could mean that you desire high yielding investments that can bring high income to your lifestyle straight away, or it might lead you to look for good capital growth figures that will secure your lifestyle in the future. Or you may want to achieve as much as possible of both high income AND high capital growth.

At Davenport Wealth, we help overseas property investors from around the world to choose exactly what’s right for them, and we do it in accordance with the above criteria. It may sound like a cliché, but we make absolutely no excuses for saying “for us: the customer comes first”. It’s a policy that has guided the company from its inception in 2007, and it remains at the core of the service that we provide. It is this unerring delivery of trusted information that has given Davenport Wealth the reputation of a company that listens before it talks, and that guides rather than sells. A rather refreshing change in a crowded marketplace that for many overseas property investors sometimes feels that to get their ideal overseas property they have to go through a lot of sharks.

It’s to bring more transparency and clarity to this marketplace that Davenport Wealth created its industry leading Davenport Product Rating, a system of clearly explained criteria that shows an investor exactly what the risk to reward ratio is of every product that we carry. Every overseas property investment is rated with a low, medium or high risk, and equally with a low, medium or high reward, so every investment is graded into one of nine possible permutations which show that particular overseas property investment’s potential to deliver what each particular investor is seeking.

Davenport’s Managing Director is Chris Mansfield, for 19 years a highly respected IFA, with a client base that spread across the South of England. Chris was already an overseas property investor himself when he started Davenport, and it was his personal experience of some of the more unacceptable behaviour that he encountered whilst investing in overseas property, that encouraged his personal ambition to build a business that investors could trust.

Davenport have worked closely with the Resort Group for a number of years now, respecting in particular the company’s attitude to transparency and adherence to clear explanations of precisely how the high income and good capital growth figures are created.

It is for all the above reasons that Davenport Wealth Management are proud to be working once again with the Resort Group to bring to overseas property investors around the world, the opportunity to invest in White Sands, a product that offers the genuine opportunity for both high income AND high capital growth, and does so from a base of stability, and with a reputation for quality.

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